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Parking at CMX is easy and convenient with plenty of parking space just a short walk from the terminal. The Parking fee is $5.00 per calendar day or any portion thereof.

Simply park your car at any of our parking spaces. While you are away, airport personnel affix a parking fee envelope to your outside rearview mirror and mark the parking fee envelope daily. When you return, count the number of days marked and multiply by $5.00 per day to calculate your parking fee. Place cash or check for the amount owed into the envelope.

Choose one of our easy ways to pay your fee:

  • Outside Drop Box: Deposit your parking fee envelope in the red drop box located on the center light pole across from the terminal entrance doors.

  • Inside Drop Box: Deposit your parking fee envelope in the drop box inside the terminal entrance door vestibule.

  • U.S. Mail: Use the self addressed parking fee envelope to mail your parking fee.

  • Airport Operations Office: If you would like to pay your fee in person we are here Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM with the exception of holidays. Come inside the terminal entrance doors, look to your left for the wooden door and go through the door and down the hall.

If you need a receipt you can request a receipt in writing by placing the written request in the envelope with your payment, email us, or give us a call and we will be happy to mail you one. Please remember to provide contact information when requesting a receipt.

*Additional fees may apply for late payments* 





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